Weight Gain And Menopause

Pre Menopause Natural Remedies are a replacement for Hormone Replacement Therapy. There are various reasons to consider seeking relief through alternative medicine in the first instance. HRT is an approach which requires consultation with a physician since it involves taking prescription drugs. Money will be spent on initial doctor visit, lab and blood work, the expense of the prescriptions over the many years of treating the pre menopausal symptoms, and follow up visits to monitor the bodily hormone levels. Another thing to be considered is the possible serioushealth conditions that might come from accepting the prescription drugs, such as growing blood clots, heart attacks, stokes, breast cancer and gall urinary tract infection.

A 3rd factor to consider is your current health condition. You should not take HRT drugs if you are pregnant, have unusual vaginal bleeding, have now or have had in the past blood clots, breast and\/or uterine cancer, liver problems or have had a stroke or heart attack. A 4th factor to contemplate is the adverse effects of HRT drugs. The most common side effects are painful or tender breasts, stomach cramps, vaginal bleeding or spotting, bloating, upset stomach\/ nausea and hair loss and weight gain. Less common adverse effects are breast lumps, nausea, tingling, difficulties seeing, acute headaches, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and pains in your legs. It does not seem to create a lot of sense to seek respite from the pre menopausal symptoms via bodily hormone replacement therapy if it’s possible to achieve relief faster, more safely and more cheaply using Menopause Natural Treatments. Pre menopausal symptoms and menopausal alternative medicine may take on real meaning not only for females, but for the men in their own lives.