Low Calorie Salad Recipes

Low Calorie Salad RecipesMany people think that you cannot possibly eat Indian food, if you are on a slimming diet. Because traditional recipes involve using ghee or either frying That’s a statement if you eat food in restaurants. It can form part of a fat loss regime, if you cook food at home. Avoid recipes that involve frying. Use a nonstick pan and a bottle of spray with vegetable or sunflower oil, if you need to seal meat before blending it for a curry. Gently spray the surface of the pan with oil and that ought to be sufficient to avoid the meat from sticking while it browns.

Substitute yoghurt and a different flavouring to replace the coconut if a recipe comprises cream or coconut cream. Tandoor recipes are excellent as part of a diet that is calorie or low carb. Marinade poultry, a few fish or prawns in a mixture of crushed garlic, ground turmeric, ground coriander, ground cumin, low fat yoghurt, grated root ginger and a little chili powder for at least a hour. If you are using cubed meat, thread on skewers. Serve to squeeze over. In case your diet is severe, you could have a potato a pitta bread or a few rice. In case you use a recipe that has only a spice along with water base or some tomato base, it definitely won’t do your calorie consumption any harm, but make certain to maintain the oil you use to fry onions, spices or whatever, to an absolute minimum.

list of Low Calorie Salad RecipesFor vegetarians or those attempting to reduce the meat due to its relatively high calorie content, Indian cuisine is ideal. There are plenty of recipes for veggies and pulses that dieting or trying not to you are on a diet. Do not dieting or trying not to according to the tandoori dieting or trying not to. If you cannot dieting or trying not to. Liz Canham is the webmessess of Asian Food and Cookery. If you are dieting or trying not to shed weight visit Healthy Indian Food for a few excellent recipes.